355 of 365 - on the ice on Flickr.

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Kingston doing his best to not fall on his but again, with the help of a stack of buckets.
Spoiler: He falls again, and again, and again. He was good about it though, and had fun, we want to try to go back and do it again before it’s gone.

338 of 365 - Kingston and his Mommy on Flickr.

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Digesting media, actually the wife is probably working, and kingston was watching some lego video. Though then he had Angela find the little drummer boy song, started singing to it, then decided to get his drums and play them while singing to it.

In retrospect, I don’t know why I didn’t take pictures and/or video of that happening.

298 of 365 - family on Flickr.

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We went up to the middle of no where for Warrior Dash, which wife conquered while Kingston and I watched and cheered her on.

256 of 365 - Pirates! on Flickr.

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We went to a small Farm Festival today, and Captain Jack Spareribs was there! He must be trying to branch out, or maybe he’s wanted in all of the coastal cities now!