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His red cape was getting all messed up from all the playing, so he had his Oma make him this to use instead. He slept in it last night, I think he also fell asleep in his mask. He is waaaaaaay loving Batman right now, like we spent a lot of time last night playing super hero’s, all three of us. He likes it when we all play. :)

182 of 365 - Tablet on Flickr.

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Surfing the youtubes for ships, and apparently trying to eat a lego mini fig for some reason. I think it actually just may be the sword in it’s hand, but that doesn’t really explain why or what or blah blah blah…






this was a real show that happened. your podcasts got nothing on sagan.


Carl Sagan is my lord and savior

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Ready for bed, but a few books first, because reading is the awesome.

Side Note: Pirates of the Caribbean was on all day again today, or for about 12 hours anyways.

Then after the rain of tears when we turned it off, there was more sword fighting, boat raiding, and skeleton destroying going on. Skeleton’s I assume are because it’s Curse of the Black Pearl he’s been watching.

Lumpy Space Princess’s Book by Fred Seibert on Flickr.

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From “Gotcha,” an episode of Pendleton Ward’s Adventure Time.

Playing Him Some Gameboy Advance on Flickr.

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Two and a half is the right age to start them at playing video games right? Help build their hand eye coordination early on.