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The trains on the tracks go round and round, round and round…

I swear I started on January 1st 2013, so somewhere along the line I made mistakes.

357 of 365 - Vroom Vroom! on Flickr.

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Then he drove the car through the back screen door and into the back yard, where he was a little freaked out by those turn of events.

Also, sorry for latenessness.

355 of 365 - on the ice on Flickr.

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Kingston doing his best to not fall on his but again, with the help of a stack of buckets.
Spoiler: He falls again, and again, and again. He was good about it though, and had fun, we want to try to go back and do it again before it’s gone.

352 of 365 - Close the Door! on Flickr.

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He wanted his kitty to say something to me, then realized he was really cold, then I took pictures, and he was not happy with my decision making on the subject. He’ll warm up, sheesh, take a little cold for the camera already! :P

351 of 365 - Bat-Venger? on Flickr.

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Kingston recently watched Next Avengers: Heroes of Tomorrow (which is a handful of kids that had avenger parents killed by Ultron), and is all into having the three of us pretend to be one of them and fight a pile of bedding Ultron, and then he put on his batman costume, because why not? He then spent the next bit switching between being batman and James (Capt America’s kid (with a Black Widow mom, man this was a weird movie in some ways) in the movie).
It’s fun, he calls James “shield” for some reason, well I mean ‘cause he has a shield probably.
I am frequently kid Hawkeye, which he calls bow and arrow guy (or usually bone and arrow, lol), and then the wife is usually Torunn the daughter of Thor and Sif. (though as is typical he rotates us all around, the other two kids are the son of Black Panther and Storm and the son of Pym and Wasp, anyways, enough explaining, and back to work with me, I got far to much to do to be rambling like this…

350 of 365 - sad face on Flickr.

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On a random whim I asked Kingston to give me his best sad face this morning, and he actually did it. Also see he isn’t telling me to stop, or hid, or run! He is either getting used to it, or was just in a good mood or something this morning. :D