298 of 365 - family on Flickr.

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We went up to the middle of no where for Warrior Dash, which wife conquered while Kingston and I watched and cheered her on.

145 of 365 - Hugs for Opa on Flickr.

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Big hugs for Opa for the boat, which he was already loosing his shit because they were coming over, he litter flipped out all crazy like when he saw the boat. He loves it, it’s definitely his favorite ship in his fleet of boats.

The Parents on Flickr.

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Kingston’s Oma and Opa, and his new boat.

132 of 365 - Swimming with Daddy on Flickr.

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We went to the wifes grandparents place for some pool time, it was a lot of fun, and Kingston totes loves the floating pirate castle.

Taken by the wife, obviously.